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Turk’s Head Knot Ring Creator


A ring that winds around your finger 6 times, and weaves from top to bottom and bottom to top 9 times using 3 strands.

Product Description


To customize your own ring, you’ll first need to install the Unity3D plugin. Unity3D is a game engine that powers many online games. We’ve harnessed its power to bring you beautifully rendered rings as you customize them. If you see a spinning ring above, then you’re good to go! Try dragging some of the sliders to get a feel for how you can customize your ring. Start by setting your ring size, then adjust how tall you want your ring and the weave spacing. You can change the weave pattern and strand style as well.

Design your ring

Start by dialing in your ring size. Don’t know your ring size? See below. Next dial in about how tall you want the ring to be. Now play with the weave spacing sliders, and the weave and strand style buttons to design your perfect ring! Select one of the various material options, check out, and we’ll have your ring 3D printed and sent right to you. Delivery times vary by material, but we do our best to have your ring in your hands in about 4 weeks.

Don’t know your ring size?

Follow these steps to find out.

  • Get a ring that fits you or fashion a ring out of paper and tape.
  • Choose an object from the list below that you currently have available.
  • Adjust the size of the object on the screen so it matches the real object.
  • Click next to see several ring sizes that you can compare your ring to.
  • Choose the size that most closely matches your ring.

What happens then?

You order is placed with a 3D printing service. The printing service creates your ring with expensive, high quality 3D printers. If you order your ring in metal, it is first 3D printed in wax and then lost wax casted into the metal of your choice just as a jeweler would do for a custom ring design.

So you don’t make them?

Unfortunately, high quality 3D printers are still very expensive, but the cost is coming down! Hopefully soon we’ll be able to afford to create your rings in house.

5.00 out of 5

1 review for Turk’s Head Knot Ring Creator

  1. 5 out of 5


    I found this amazing website and ring creator to be easy and fun to use, and I feel like I really designed my own piece of jewelry that no one else will have. I never buy jewelry, but I am so excited to make, wear, and give this custom jewelry to my family and friends. I can’t believe I can create my own designs for such inexpensive prices, too.

    I needed a special expedited favor due to my own procrastination with my order, and John personally made sure that my order was handled and delivered in the time frame I needed. His level of customer service is unparalleled, and I have never worked with a company that has equally fantastic customer service, prices, and products.

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