Braided Turk’s Head Knot Ring — 3 parts x 11 bights — Size 7


A ring that winds 3 times around your finger, and weaves from top to bottom and bottom to top 11 times using 1 strand.

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Product Description

Turk’s head knots come in many different shapes and sizes. Traditionally, one is tied on the king spoke of a ship’s wheel to indicate a straight heading. As a ring, you can wear one for any occasion. Using our Freakin’ Sweet Knots app, you can customize one to your taste and size by changing the weave style and spacing, as well as the strand style, ring size and thickness. Each ring is 3D printed on-demand, which means it isn’t made until you order it. All orders are made on demand and can take up to 4 weeks to be delivered.

For any given Turk’s head knot, the number of parts indicates the number of times the knot winds around your finger before returning to the beginning. The number of bights is the number of bumps on the top and bottom of the knot. The relationship between parts and bights determines how many strands it takes to tie the knot. The highest number than can evenly divide both the parts and the bights is the number of strands. For example, if the only number that can be divided into both the parts and the bights is 1 (such as this knot), then it takes a single strand to tie.

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Silver, Brass


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