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56 facet globe knot mandrel – 2″ diameter


A 56 facet globe knot mandrel. After following the pattern to tie the knot, it can be transferred to a 2″ diameter ball to make a globe knot. The mandrel, pins and a 2″ foam ball are included.

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Turk’s Head knots and different flavors of Turk’s head knots such as globe knots can be complicated to tie, especially for beginners. Even master knot tiers can’t remember all instructions for the less common ones. The Advanced Grid Maker (AGM) has been used by knot tiers around the world to generate instructions for tying knots. Any reasonably sized pattern designed with the AGM can be engraved onto a mandrel.

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  1. 4 out of 5

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    I’ve always admired the pictures of globe knots I’ve seen on the Internet, and have wanted to try them for some time. I’m not a novice to knot tying, but wouldn’t consider myself an expert either. I have tied Turks head knots on mandrels made from PVC in the past, so I do have a familiarity with the concept. So with that background, I found it very easy to tie a respectable globe knot on a first attempt using this mandrel. It may be a bit pricey for what it is, an etched piece of dowel with holes for pegs, but it is solid, gets the job done, and should hold up over time. It came with extra pegs , in case some got lost or broken. I tied a knot using 3/32″ / 275 paracord. Instead of using the foam ball included with the mandrel, I used a 2″ wooden ball from a craft store, which I had spray painted to match the color of the paracord. This helped to downplay any areas where the knot didn’t completely cover the ball. 4 passes looked pretty good, but 5 passes will cover the ball more completely. Figure approximately 5 feet of the 275 cord per pass (eg 20 feet of the 275 cord for 4 passes, plus maybe a few extra feet for some “wiggle room”). I did have a marlinspike and a fid for the 275 cord, already part of my tool box, and these definitely made the process easier than it otherwise might have been. Overall, I thought this mandrel was a worthwhile addition to my tool box, and would recommend it to someone interested in trying their hand at globe knots.

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