30 facet globe knot mandrel
30 facet globe knot mandrel30 facet globe knot

30 facet globe knot mandrel – 1″ diameter


A 30 facet globe knot mandrel. After following the pattern to tie the knot, it can be transferred to a 1″ diameter ball to make a globe knot. The mandrel, pins and a 1″ foam ball are included. The knot shown in the image gallery is NOT included, but is there to demonstrate an example of what you are able to tie around the provided ball.

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Turk’s Head knots and different flavors of Turk’s head knots such as globe knots can be complicated to tie, especially for beginners. Even master knot tiers can’t remember all instructions for the less common ones. The Advanced Grid Maker (AGM) has been used by knot tiers around the world to generate instructions for tying knots. Any reasonably sized pattern designed with the AGM can be engraved onto a mandrel.

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  1. 4 out of 5


    This mandrel is terrific. I made a perfect doubled 30-facet globe knot with some generic paracord I had laying around right out of the box, in about 20 minutes while watching TV. I did take a very fine sharpie and ‘color in’ the grooves, but that is because my eyesight isn’t what it used to be :)

    I highly recommend this to any knot enthusiast!

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