UPDATE: Happy New Year everyone! The TOP ring is the photo. Of the 59 submissions, 37 correctly chose the real ring. I selected a winner at random and am waiting for a reply. Here’s a write up about the process of taking the photo and matching render.

Happy holidays! We’re counting down to 2015 and we wanted to announce that we’ll be giving away this 3D printed ring in the new year. The ring was 3D printed in Shapeways’ Polished Silver material and will go to one winner who can correctly identify which of the shown rings is an actual photo (the other is a computer render). Share and comment on this post or on any of our social media posts about it or simply fill out our contact form (be sure to mention this post) to enter to win. Indicate which one is a photograph by saying the top ring or bottom ring. We’ll be taking answers until December 31, 2014 at 11:59PM. We’ll draw a winner at random from all the correct answers on New Year’s day.

The photo was taken in my office.


The computer render was created using Blender:


Stay tuned for more about the render after the winner has been announced!



  1. CC says:

    Top ring

    Will you share the render-setup ?
    Very impressive.

  2. David says:

    The top ring is the photo

  3. Alejandro says:

    bottom ring is a photograph.

  4. Paige says:

    Bottom ring

  5. Charles says:

    If you look at it closely, the bottom ring is the render. As you look at it, one the right side, isn’t quite right. The shadows on the bottom have very fine lines in it, which won’t be in a photo. Then there is the matter of the shadows on the metal. They are very good and very close but they too don’t quite match up consistently.

  6. Ronyx69 says:

    The bottom one is the render. You can see that it is most likely a single layer material, there is no big highlight spread like you see in the first one (which is seen in real materials). Also the color is completely uniform in the render, if you bring up saturation, you can see that on a real metal the color drops off when you look at it at an angle because of how fresnel works. And then there’s also the sudden change in the angle of the background, because I can see in your photo setup, you put a flat sheet on top of the curved surface, but you didn’t do that in the render. For some reason the render is brighter and more contrasty, you could’ve eliminated any trace of cg evidence just by color correcting it to match the photo.

    But the render is top notch, I couldn’t tell if I wasn’t told to look.

  7. Steve says:

    The bottom one is the render. The materials are too uniform on the bottom. That’s my guess!

  8. Lu Anne Stone says:

    I think it’s the top!

  9. bottom one is the real one top is the fake

  10. C. says:

    Top ring is the render. Very nicely done on both counts: both an excellent photo and clean render.

  11. Sandro says:

    Top one is the photo, bottom is a render.

  12. Ghazanfar Ali Riaz says:

    top ring

  13. Renato César da Silveira Miranda says:

    De Ano Novo Giveaway 2015

    O superior é o anel, o inferior é a foto.

  14. marybeth says:

    I think that the top ring is the real photo but it is really difficult to say for certain either way!

  15. Gerardo Gherbaz says:

    It is a difficult one, but I will say the top is the real one.

  16. john roller says:

    bottom ring is the computer render & top is real photo for FREAKIN’ SWEET KNOTS
    New Year’s Giveaway 2015

  17. lisa roller says:

    the top is the computer generated ring

  18. megan roller says:

    bottom ring is the reproduction by computer
    I would love to win the ring!

  19. jallwine says:

    The TOP ring is the real one. Of the 59 submissions, 37 correctly chose the real ring. I selected a winner at random and am waiting for a reply. I’ll put another post together about my blender setup for the render soon.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  20. Cheri-Lee says:

    The bottom one is the actual ring


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