UPDATE: I’ve added a Shapeways link where you can purchase the shifter, but know that there is NO current method of attachment. You MUST know how to drill and tap threads on your own (or how to add any other method of attachment required for your gear shift). The base of the shifter as a diameter of 21mm and a height of 20mm, so you should have plenty of room to drill and tap. http://shpws.me/JWih

After posting about my 3D printed marlinspike handle, I received a suggestion to make it into a gear shifter. I loved the idea! I wanted to maintain the same level of detail that the fid handle had, but a gear shifter is a lot bigger, so I needed a much bigger knot. Here’s the first prototype that I printed on my MakerBot Replicator 2.

3D Printed Gear Shifter Prototype


I drove around with it for a couple days before deciding it was a bit too big and the shape needed some alterations. Here’s the next iteration:

3D Printed Gear Shifter Prototype Version 2

3D Printed Gear Shifter Prototype Version 2

I drove with that one for several days and was thrilled with how it felt, though it was a bit delicate in plastic. I left it on until it snapped off while shifting gears.

Broken gear shifter prototype


I put an order in for a steel version that day. A few weeks later, I installed the steel version:

Woven 3D Printed Steel Custom Gear Shifter

Woven 3D Printed Steel Custom Gear Shifter


I still need to figure out exactly how to cleanly attach the boot, but I’ve been driving with it for a couple weeks and love how it looks and feels! It even makes a little chime noise when you flick it :) I have it installed on my VW Golf, but I plan to figure out how to make it work on other cars.




  1. Bob says:

    Awesome idea! Great look!!

  2. Kathleen says:

    How does it feel on those below zero mornings?

    • jallwine says:

      I have an attached garage, so it never got too cold to the touch. Now that it’s summer, I’ve had it get pretty hot! It does cool down quickly, though, so I don’t mind.

  3. moto mike says:

    Any chance of a link for this on shape ways to get one printed for myself?

    • jallwine says:

      Hi Mike, the hold up on posting a link is ensuring it properly connects to your gearshift. It’s a problem I still haven’t quite figured out. I’ll follow up with an email and we might be able to work it out.

    • jallwine says:

      Ok, I’ve added the gear shifter knob to Shapeways, but I want to stress that there is NO method of attachment. You MUST know how to drill and tap your own threads (or add whatever other method of attachment is necessary for your shifter). http://shpws.me/JWih

  4. Guillaume says:

    Hi Jallwine, may I use this image for my website ? : http://i.imgur.com/qzbfJF3.jpg

    http://www.3Dcarmods.com (coming soon)


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