Freakin’ Sweet Apps

meFounder, John Allwine, has always enjoyed creating visual and interactive programs. He started Freakin’ Sweet Apps with the goal of bringing his ideas to life. John studied computer science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a focus in 3D graphics. After college he worked as an effects artist at Dreamworks Animation for 3 years on films such as How to Train Your Dragon, Megamind and Madagascar 3. He left Dreamworks to pursue ideas of his own and Freakin’ Sweet Apps was born!


Freakin’ Sweet Knots

closeup800John likes to tie knots as a hobby. He’s created many programs that generate instructions for tying a type of knot called a Turk’s head. While tying his wife’s engagement ring out of wire, it occurred to him that he could adapt his programs to generate 3D models of rings. He created Freakin’ Sweet Knots, which is able to generate 3D models of Turk’s head knots so they can be 3D printed. Design your own Turk’s head ring here. Or, check out other designs that John has created using the Freakin’ Sweet Knots app in our shop.


Bounce 2: Notes

bounce_iconIn high school, John created a program called Bounce, which was a bunch of balls that bounced around the screen and off each other. In Bounce, you can add balls, drag them around, stop them and delete them. Over the years, John has reimplemented Bounce a number of times. It seemed fitting to make it his first app. Bounce 2: Notes is on the app store and features colorful, glowing, bouncy shapes that make music as they collide. Learn more at


FSVR Manager

fsvr_example Freakin’ Sweet Vacation rental manager leverages HomeAway’s EscapiaNET API to bring responsive, mobile friendly property pages, searching and booking to your WordPress site.

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