A while ago I wanted to make a 6-side woven die. I knew that certain types of Turk’s heads could be tied nicely around a cube, so I figured I could make it happen with Freakin’ Sweet Knots. Using the advanced grid maker, I designed a knot that would nicely fit around a cube, with holes missing for the numbers on each side of the die. Here’s a picture of the grid with an overlay that has fold lines which show how the knot would wrap around a cube:



I went on to have that knot 3D printed and actually tied it with my dad. To learn more about that process check out the instructables here and here.

Recently, I took the same idea to design a woven jewelry box that I may eventually ship my custom jewelry in. I started by designing a knot that would wrap around a cube, but had one open face. Again, using the advanced grid maker, this was a snap:


i.materialise ships their silver jewelry in 2″ x 2″ x 2″ boxes that I like, so I matched those dimensions. I loaded it up into Freakin’ Sweet Knots and it looked like this:



Designing the top was a little trickier. I wanted the same pattern on the sides to be on the top. Since the top is divided into 4 different sections that are folded together it made it a little harder to visualize. I also wanted to cut out little sections in the top, so that it didn’t cover up the woven pattern on the sides. Here’s what I came up with:



I was happy with the design, so I put my order in with Shapeways in their White Strong and Flexible material (a polyamide plastic material). This is what came back:



For now, the cost of the box is too pricey to come with my custom jewelry, but with 3D printing continuing down the track its on (getting cheaper and more accessible), I hope to do something like this in the future.

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